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NCAA Frozen Four tournament set to begin this weekend

Last year in an unforgettable championship game, Miami University of Ohio lost to Boston University 4-3 in overtime. What makes this a game to remember was not only that it needed more than 3 periods of play, but that Miami let a 3-1 lead slip just minutes before the end of regulation.

Miami scored their 3rd and final goal with 4:08 left on the clock in the final period. A little over 90 seconds remaining, BU pulled their goaltender in exchange for an extra skater. 59.5 seconds left, BU scores to make it 3-2. Then with under 20 seconds to go, they score again making it even at 3-3 forcing overtime.(See Video)

I remember this day well. It was the Penguins final regular season game, I had just finished watching it and before I left the bar I caught the end of the national championship. I can remember, clear as day, telling my mom that it would probably be a stupid goal to win the game. Something that the goaltender wouldn’t even see. I now wish I would have choked on my words as the puck bounced of a Miami player trying to block a shot from the point right over the shoulder of the Miami netminder. He didn’t even move, didn’t see it coming.

Boston was the number one seed heading into the tournament, Miami the 4th. Both teams played hard, but Miami played harder, for the most part. I have mixed feelings surrounding this memory. It sucks for Miami because they worked so hard to win that game, and Boston didn’t deserve to take it away from them. But on the other hand, how amazing was it for a team to come back with less than 2 minutes remaining?

This year, Miami will get another chance as the number one seed not just in their region, but overall.  Joining them will be Boston College, Denver, Wisconsin, Rochester Institute of Technology, Alabama-Huntsville, Michigan, Cornell, North Dakota, Alaska, Bemidji State, New Hampshire, Northern Michigan, St. Cloud State, Vermont and Yale. BU failed to qualify this season.

Who will come out on top this year? Regionals begin this weekend. Winners of the 4 different regions will then meet in Detroit for the semi-finals and championship games the second weekend in April. Good luck to all and congratulations on making this years Frozen Four tournament.

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