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Orpik lets out frustration to press

It is one thing to be upset with your teams performance, we can all understand that, but to cry to the media is a little different. That’s exactly what Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks Orpik did following last night’s tough loss to the Washington Capitals.

“Maybe I’m in the minority here, (but) I’m getting tired of hearing we worked hard or maybe deserved better. We’re not winning hockey games, and that’s what it comes down to. I don’t feel very good leaving the rink when you lose.” Orpik told Trib Total Media.

How do you think we, as fans, feel when you lose? Hell, for me it ruins my whole day! We don’t like to see it happen, but you can’t win them all. You just go to practice the next day, try to correct your mistakes and move on. Orpik can’t seem to do that. We get that, but there is a right and wrong place to take out that negative energy, and I personally don’t think the press is the right place. Take it up with Bylsma, Yeo, Crosby even and if that still doesn’t work, bite your damn tongue and go elsewhere when your contract expires.

“The frustrating part is you make the same mistakes over and over and you don’t learn from them,” Orpik said. “It’s not like we’re getting behind. We’re blowing leads.”

The Penguins aren’t the only team blowing leads. In fact, the Chicago Blackhawks have done it on numerous occasions this season. That doesn’t mean they are a bad team, they just didn’t do everything right. No one is invincible, not even the Washington Capitals who have lost a few of their own this season. Right now your record is still better than most. You sit at the top of your Division, the top of your Conference, and yes you will start to fall if you continue to lose games, so don’t continue to lose them, do something about it.

“We get a power play in the third period, up by a goal – and even before that Semin goal it was just sloppy there. It looked like we lost our focus for whatever reason. It’s just real frustrating right now,” he said.

The power play is a strong consistent issue with this cup defending team. With the kind of talent they have, they should be able to keep the puck in the opposing team’s zone more often then they have been, and get more pucks inside the net. Maybe it is time for Bylsma to consider a new special teams unit. And how much of an affect has the absence of Malkin been? He has missed 4 out of the last 5 games. He may not be having his usual type of season this year but he is still a presence. Gonchar is a presence. A healthy team wins game, look at the Detroit Redwings.

“I’m getting very concerned. Everyone wants to talk about the playoffs. We’ve got eight games to go here and we’re not playing too well. The way we’re playing now, we’ll be out in the first round.”

Way to have confidence in your team. The playoffs are a completely different season. The atmosphere is different, in most cases it is do or die, win or go home. Yeah you have 8 games to get there, so use those games to test out new strategies, and switch up your lines. You are not perfect either Orpik, and if you are that frustrated, tell your team. As a team, deal with your issues in private. It’s not like you guys don’t know you have things you need to work out. Just bust your ass to do them.

I am a diehard Pens fan. I live out of market and still manage to get to a good number of games each season. Some they have won, some they have lost. One of the things I love the most about the Pens, other than what they do on the ice, is their class off of it. And as a fan, I am very disappointed with Orpik’s comments to the press. I don’t feel they were necessary. It reminded me of Kyle Orton when he came to Chicago last year, blaming everyone but himself when things went wrong. I’m not saying the situations are the same, or that Orpik is blaming anyone, but you are supposed to be a role model for your sport. When you are losing, we don’t want to hear how frustrated you are. We wanna hear about the things you did right and how you are going to fix the things you feel you struggled with. Actions speak so much louder than words.


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