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Who was that, and what did you do with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Let me join the rest of the hockey world by saying, what the hell happened to the Hawks tonight? How can the second best team in the Western Conference, have lost to one of the worst teams in the league the way they just did. I’ll give you three guesses, but I think you will only need one.

Cristobal Huet faced 27 out of Columbus’s 32 shots on goal. He only made 20 saves. Antti Niemi faced 5 of those shots, he stopped 4. Do the math, that is 8 goals, tying a franchise record for Columbus for most scored in a game, as well as a new record of most scored at home.

My first question for head coach Joel Quenneville is, why did you wait so long to pull Huet? And then I have to ask, why did you put him back between the pipes at the start of the 3rd. Niemi was holding his own in there despite his 5 minutes of playing time, and seeing as the boys managed to score a couple more goals, a comeback could have been in sight.

Seeing as the Hawks didn’t score their final 2 goals until the 3rd period, where was their offense? Did they not show up? I’m sorry Pat Kane, were you off hassling cab drivers again this evening? And what about that Hossa guy that you spent so much money on? Maybe after watching their goaltender give up all those goals, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Something tells me though, the Hawks aren’t like that.

The blame can’t all go onto the goaltending, even though we know it is mediocre at best. Let’s not forget that they are still short on the defensive end. The Hawks played with a 5 man defense while the Jackets had 7 guys in their lineup. The 2 man advantage may not sound like a whole lot, but that’s an extra line, and an extra couple of minutes of resting time for those tired legs.

Would it be safe to say that the Jacket’s are just the better team? Absolutely not. They were tonight, but they are one of the few teams in the NHL who’s winning record is worse than their losing record. They have no shot at making the post season, which the Hawks clinched with Calgary’s loss tonight, and they really have nothing to play for. Let’s just hope that if the starting goaltender dilemma is still an issue in Quenneville’s head, that he can sleep easier after witnessing tonight’s performance.

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