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The 3D Craze Comes to Hockey

With Avatar and Up and most recently Alice In Wonderland becoming huge hits in 3D theaters lately, and with Sony’s 3D TV making these experiences home-accessible, hockey is jumping on the bandwagon.  MSG network debuted its 3D hockey event on Wednesday night in the blowout of a Rangers-Islanders match.  MSG airs a number of NHL games including those of the Rangers, Islanders, Sabres, and Devils, so it has a broader hockey audience than most stations.

While 3D hockey seems exciting and might make fans feel like they’re in the game, I question whether many hockey fans will want to sit around in their living rooms wearing funny-looking 3D glasses, especially when there are I few issues that need to be worked out.  First, in 3D, marks on the glass will be magnified and put into extra dimensions along with the game, which I imagine would make you feel in the glass rather than in the game.  Secondly, I hope this isn’t just another gimmick to get new hockey fans, because lets be honest, who doesn’t want to see players duke it out in 3D? Unfortunately, looking back to the “glow puck” incident, ideas like this don’t usually go over so well among purist hockey fans. While my Mom, who watches about one or two games a year, loved the glowing puck because she could “never see the darn thing”, I found the glowing red tails highly obnoxious as they looked like something from a video game.  The glow pucks did not last long and I suspect that if the 3D hockey creators are not careful, their idea won’t either.

The truth is, hockey fans watch hockey for the game.   If something like the Olympics draws fans to the NHL, that’s a good thing assuming they fall in love with the game and stick around.  If it’s because they want to pretend they’re really on the ice while two guys punch each other, it’s bound to fade. What’s most important lies instead in the dimensionality of the players and their multifaceted skills are what will and should draw the fans in.

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