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Who is in, and who has to wait to find out

Entering last nights slew of contests, a few of the league’s top teams had their chance to secure their playoff berth whether it was with their own win, or a loss for someone else. Six of the leagues top seeds were in contention to do it last night, while another awaits tonights results. Let’s take a look at what went down and what needs to happen later on today.

Washington Capitals– In order to have clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference, the Capitals needs to beat the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Ranger needed to beat the New Jersey Devils. Both games led to shootouts proving yet again what I have been saying all a long. Strange things happen in the NHL. You can be the top team in the league and still lose to one of the worst. That is the beauty of this game. New York held on to their end of the bargain, winning 4-3 but Washington fell to Carolina 3-2.

Pittsburgh Penguins– The Penguins had an off day yesterday, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have something to watch for during last nights match-ups. They would secure their playoff spot if the Atlanta Thrashers lost to the Toronto Maple leafs in regulation. The Thrashers did lose to the the Maple Leafs, but in overtime.

New Jersey Devils– The Devils needed two things to happen in their favor last night. They needed a win over the Rangers and a loss for the Thrashers. We already know this one didnt happen. The Thrashers may have lost, but so did the Devils. However, since the Devils game went past regulation, they did receive one point pushing the Penguins out of the top spot in the Atlantic Division.

Chicago Blackhawks– The Hawks had three different ways to secure their playoff run for the second consecutive season, and its a good thing too. They needed to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets or get one point against the Jackets and the Calgary Flames would have to lose to the New York Islanders or the Flames would have to lose to the Islanders in regulation alone. The Hawks, one of, if not the best team in the Western Conference, fell to the Jackets who have no chance at the playoffs, 8-3. Despite the loss, luck was in their favor as the Flames fell to the Islanders in regulation.

San Jose Sharks– The Sharks needed to beat the Dallas Stars and the Flames needed to lose to the Islanders in regulation. Both senarios worked out in their favor and the Sharks became the second team of the night to stake their claim on the playoffs.

Phoenix Coyotes– Nothing worked out for this team to look out for. The Coyotes needed to beat the Nashville Predators, yet they fell in the shotout 4-3. They also needed the Flames to lose to the Islanders, they did, but that doesn’t matter now. The Coyotes were the only team in contention from the Western Conference who didn’t clinch as a result to last nights game.

Now lets take a look at what needs to go down tonight:

Buffalo Sabres– The only top seeded team in the East to not get a chance last night. They face the Ottawa Senators this evening and have to beat them ihttps://chickswhogiveapuck.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpn any way to clinch their spot. With the way Ryan Miller has been playing one would think this could be in the bag, however the Sabres are 0-4 when facing the Senators this year.

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