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John Tavares: The next Sidney Crosby??

There have been several players to have been pegged the “Next One”, a term related to the “Great One” Mr. Wayne Gretzky. In recent years, that term was given to Sidney Crosby, a player that has accomplished so much in his short span with the NHL and an immense amount of things in his years of junior play in Canada. Most recently, this term has been passed on to New York Islanders rookie John Tavares. How does he measure up, and is he destined for this years Calder Memorial Trophy, the award given to the seasons most outstanding rookie?

Tavares was almost drafted in the 2008 entry draft. Born on September 20, 1990 his birthday fell 5 days after the cut off for him to be eligible for the draft. At 14, Tavares was also a year too young to play for the Ontario Hockey League. He petitioned to gain eligibility, and the league caved creating an “exceptional player” clause. Tavares’s agent made a similar attempt with the NHL but failed, so the soon to be 18 year old Canadian superstar would have to wait one more year.

In 2009 he was drafted 1st overall by the New York Islanders, a team that is making attempts to rebuild there team in hopes of making the post season in the future. Tavares scored the first goal of his NHL career on October 3, 2009 against Stanley Cup Champion netminder Marc-Andre Fleury. Since then he has scored 21 goals and has had 23 assists putting him up top with other league rookies like Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche, Tyler Myers of the Buffalo Sabres, and Niclas Bergfors of the Atlanta Thrashers.

Does Tavares have what it takes do win this years Calder? Taking in everything he has done, one would think he is a sure shot. However, he has a lot more competition than expected coming into this years season and he has slowed down quite a bit compared to his rookie competitors. Aside from the names mentioned above, there are some surprise goaltenders that have been added into the mix. Could Tukka Rask or Jimmy Howard be this years favorites and bump Tavares out of the running? We will touch more on that later.

And if Taveres doesn’t win the Calder like many expected him to prior to the season, does that mean he won’t have a spectacular career? Absolutely not. After all, Crosby didn’t win the Calder and look how he’s turned out!

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