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Chicks’ Nadia lets her co-writers know why Miller should win the Vezina

I have to admit I was a little stumped. When researching the hard facts as to why Buffalo Sabres Ryan Miller should win the Vezina I ran out of amazing things to say about him. Sure he’s a great goaltender, but aside from the Olympics I hadn’t really seen too much in detail that would sway me away from other potential candidates. One of our writers is a die hard Sabres fan, so I asked her for some piece of mind (big mistake 😀 ), and she let me know, in her own words, exactly why Miller deserves not just the Vezina but maybe even the the King Clancy Memorial Trophy as well. Take a look at what Nadia had to say:

1. When I played hockey I was always taught that it’s the goalie’s job to make the first save, after that the rebounds are on the team.  With the exception of 1 line of D (and even them sometimes,) the Sabres count on Miller to regularly make the 2nd and even 3rd saves.
2. He’s got a cool head.  Regardless of how a prior game went, the new game is always a good game for him. Ex. he was pulled against the Thrashers after having a rough start a couple weeks ago, but went on to lead the Sabres to 4 consecutive wins. If anything it made him play better. He never gets in a slump and he PERFORMS under pressure!
3. He’s adorable, respectful to other players (giving credit where credit is due like the Crosby game winner at the Olympics,) AND helps children with cancer. He founded the Steadfast Foundation which supports cancer patients and their families, particularly for childhood leukemia in honor of his young cousin Matt who died from it in 2006 😦    (I know this one technically has nothing to do with the award, but he’s just a super likable guy, which I think helps.)
1. The obvious: he’s league leader in save % (.929), which I personally find to be the most important category, because if he’s regularly making more than 30 saves a game, it’s hard to keep GAA down, although he’s 2nd in that too! He’s only behind Rask who’s played 25 less games than he has.
2. He might not have the most wins (he’s 5th), but his %’s look gooood! He has a .594 win % when looking at the 20 top-playing goalies (aka those at 48 games and above) 3rd ahead of Brodeur but behind Bryzgalov and Nabokov. He also has only a .25 loss % 2nd lowest behind only Nabokov, ahead of Brodeur and Bryzgalov.  To be behind Nabokov in both categories is understandable, because Nabokov has a team in front of him that’s scoring the 3rd highest number of goals in the league, and goaltending alone can’t win or lose a game, which anyone can see from Nabokov’s performance in the Olympics when compared to Miller’s.
3. Buffalo is ranked #1 at fewest goals against on the penalty kill. A lot of credit to Miller on that one.
4. He’s 10-for-11, blocked penalty shots.  Proving that even when he doesn’t have his guys backing him up he’s making stops.
Okay, she hasn’t completely convinced me, BUT I may have a little more respect for Miller than I already had!
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