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Blackhawks City Road Watch

It’s always interesting to see what teams do for their fans when they are on the road. I thought I would check it out for myself first hand last night at the Blackhawks City Road Watch, an event held at various bar locations during away games. Last night was at the Red Ivy on Clark St. as the Hawks battled the Devils.

The Road Watch, is supposed to give you that home game experience. Prior to face off, we watched the same pregame entertainment one would see on the jumbo tron at the United Center. Commerical noise was replaced with music, and there were goal horns and even a few goal lights, though we only were able to locate one.

The Ice girls were present, at least that’s what I think they are called, I will censor my name for them. They handed out raffle tickets to everyone in attendance and held raffles at both intermissions. One was for an autographed Patrick Sharp puck and the other for 100 level tickets to an upcoming home game. And the girl who never wins anything, won the autographed puck. Thank you Mr. Sharp, I will add you to my collection.

The venue, the Red Ivy, was decent. Not where I would have expected a sporting event to take place, in fact I would have loved to catch it when it was at the ESPN Zone. But the bartender was wonderful, the food was great, and everyone was truly into the game. Chicago is really beginning to come into their hockey!

There is one more Blackhawks  City Road Watch left for the regular season (I’m not sure if and how it works for the playoffs), and you can catch it at Kroll’s South Loop on Tuesday, April 6th, when the Hawks take on the Dallas Stars. For more information on food and drink specials call: (312) 235-1400

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