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Phila Phight 2010

Better late than never…although I would like to say that I’m still recovering from a fantastic girls weekend spent in Phila (so called by residents). This is the story of 7 Habs fans making their way to the Wachovia Center and coming out unscathed.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend than with a group of really fun girls at a hockey game cheering on our beloved Habs to a playoff spot in a town that loves to hate all opposing teams. Yes, my girl-friends are just that cool. And yes, they are also ALL hockey fans.

So how did we do it up right? 7 of us jumped in a mini-van, soccer-mom style equipped with a DVD player and automatic sliding doors, drove 8.5 hours (plus 2 more if you count the brutal early morning wait at the border) and rode into town waving our red Habs jerseys and chanting “Go Habs Go!” all the way to our hotel in City Center.

To properly prepare for this occasion, with fair warnings from everyone who cares about our safety and well being, we bought the most expensive tickets available to avoid any Fly-accosting. Wanting to still show our support and try to make it on TV we all dressed in our best red CH, brought Molson Ex noise makers and made colourful 2-sided signs that spelled out “GO HABS GO” and “ET LE BUT!” (Scores!). We might have been asking for trouble…but only the fun kind.

I think that the signs deserve a shout-out so I will take a moment. We worked our butts off in the van drawing and colouring them in with magic markers and colourful electrical tape. We were all car sick by the time we were done and dizzy from the fumes but it was worth it because they looked awesome!

On to the game. Friday night’s match up was an important one for both teams who were jostling for the remaining playoff positions…we knew we’d be in for a good game and a potentially aggressive crowd. I don’t think we really knew what to expect.

Philadelphia has a bad rap and rightfully so. But not every Flyers fan deserves to be pigeon-holed into that category. Upon stepping into our luxury box for 100+ people we were actually quite warmly received all things considered. Maybe its because we’re a group of 7 pretty girls in jerseys…maybe because we were smiling? Either way the fans around us took pictures with us, had some laughs, were impressed by us and overall were very nice after a couple of free beers.

We made it through the first 2 periods without any trouble, just a few people in the section below us booing for fun. One guy showed us his bare gut, it was offensive but nothing a beer wouldn’t help us forget.

Upon returning to our seats at the start of the 3rd we felt something was missing…Our signs! Some fans from the box next to us stole our signs and did who-knows-what with them. The classy fans seated around us actually tried to help out but understandably didn’t want to start any fights with these rude fans who clearly took our polite cheering personal.

I’m known to be the most aggressive one of the group. I take things personally. My temper flares up easily…mostly because I have little patience for stupid people and blatant rudeness.

That said, I waited patiently in my seat to see what these guilty fans would do (they were pointed out to us, and so obvious about it). I figured if they’d just sit down and say nothing I’d be fine with losing our art work and I was willing to give up on our chance of making it on TV. Alas, the Phight to the Phinish began. I saw red, and I don’t mean our jerseys.

I won’t get into all the dirty details but I will say this. I took the high road, made no efforts in trying to reason with unreasonable people and got them kicked out of the game by calmly speaking to the very nice and helpful security at the Wachovia Center. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I pulled the “I work for Reebok card” as well.

When I finally returned to my seat there was under 2 minutes left in the 3rd, time wasted but it was a boring period anyway. The game ended in a win for the Habs and a personal win for the good guys.

On our way out of the arena a Flyers fan, who was in the box with us, showed me a card with a hefty accusation on it meant for him. This was handed to him by the luxury box attendant  and came to him via one of the dirt-bags who was kicked out for theft and excessive profane language.

Of course our fun didn’t stop there. We went bar hopping in our jerseys around 2nd street and Market. Everywhere we went we were booed but had tons of fun with an entourage of about 15 guys we collected, all Habs fans, post game when departing from the arena. They followed us around like lost puppies…they were like our safeguard in case any drunken Phights were to break out.

Olé! Olé! Olé! Olé! …. Ol-é! Ol-é!

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  1. Georgia
    April 7, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Yep! That pretty much sums it up!! Well done Jo! …Oh and thanks for another awesome girls trip 🙂

  2. Nadia
    April 7, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Sounds like fun! 🙂

  3. Noah Sidel
    April 7, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Wow, this girl can write! What a great story…

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