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A Little Info About Craig Anderson

We had the opportunity to ask someone who knew Craig Anderson when he was growing up, so we asked him some questions and here’s what he had to say about him.

Courtney: What has he improved upon the most since you last saw him?
Gregg: I didn’t really coach him. He attended my shooting clinics and my focus was on the shooters. Craig was very good though, even back when he was 11-12 years old.

Courtney: What were his greatest strengths when you knew him? His biggest challenges?
Gregg: He had great self-confidence. If I had to pick out his challenges, it might have been that he was really skinny. But that is easy to fix.

Courtney: What was his overall demeanor?
Gregg: Very good. He was a bit cocky, as a great goalie should be, but he was also very likeable.

Courtney: What would surprise most people to find out about him?
Gregg: How successful his mother is. She is a high achieving real estate agent. The lessons a kid learns from a parent that has to hustle for sales gives him a strong work ethic.

Courtney: When you watch him what habits haven’t died out?
Gregg: He’s got quick feet and a catching glove. Same as when he was young.

Courtney: This season Andy has played over 70 games, is that too much for a goalie or does he handle stress differently than other goaltenders?
Gregg: Craig always liked to play alot. But at the NHL level, who knows how that might affect him. I’m not really sure how he is as an adult. Nothing seems to bother him.

Courtney: What do you attribute that strength to?
Gregg: Having to battle through the minors to get to the NHL. He was a bit of a late bloomer by normal standards, but goalies take longer to develop.

Courtney: What made him stick out in your mind? Did you know then that he would make it to the big league?
Gregg: He was good when he was young but I never thought he was pro material. Maybe a good college goalie or maybe a career minor leaguer.

Courtney: To those who don’t really follow the Avalanche, what would you say the best thing Andy brings to this young team?
Gregg: He brings confidence, both in himself and in his team.

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