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Sharks: Cursed or Bad Luck?

The Sharks have been in San Jose for the past 19 years. Since its start San Jose has made it to the playoffs 15 times. This is its sixth consecutive year in the playoffs. Last year the Sharks won the Presidents’ Trophy for most points in the regular season. That same year they were eliminated by the Ducks in the first round. This year they finished first in the Western Conference again, first in the Pacific Division, but second overall. Hoping that it’s a sign they won’t get eliminated again in the first round they have some other history to worry about.

Here’s a few bits of history about the Sharks, some lead to concern:

  • Post Olympics the Sharks went 3-6-1.
  • The Sharks sent eight players to the Olympics.
  • The last four times they went to the playoffs they were knocked out in the first round (last year) & the conference semi-finals.
  • They have three of the top 15 scorers in the NHL, only Washington has more.
  • Marleau scored 44 goals this year & 38 goals last year.
  • Their special teams are highly ranked. Their PK is fifth in the league & their PP is fourth.
  • While they play a solid 60 minutes extra time does not bode well for them. They have won 8 of 19 OT games.
  • Nabokov has 44 wins in this past regular season, second only to the NHL’s winningest goaltender of all time Brodeur.
  • Nabokov has had three straight 40+ win seasons
  • Nabokov has had a habit of playing poorly in the post-season.

While many people will say Colorado got lucky last night witht he game winning goal from Chris Stewart coming with 49 seconds left in the third period the Sharks got out-shot 12-2 in the second period. So it’s up to the Sharks; Will they sink or will they swim?

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