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“Underdogs” All Survive First Night Of Playoffs

Last night marked “opening day” of the best/worst time of year for hockey fans. The playoffs began and reintroduced the most intense hockey you will see all year. While the playoffs are great for that aspect, it also means that the season is finally over and then comes the summer months filled with….oh, baseball.

Four games took place to open the playoffs all with what some would say surprising results. Each team dubbed the “under dog” took out their higher seeded opponent (except for Phoenix, who sits one seed above Detroit) and each game had a single point difference.

What does this mean? Bench the starting goaltenders and bring in a new coaching staff? Absolutely not. It is only game one. Each team that expected a win needs to now erase that mentality that they don’t need to show up in the opening round and prepare for Game Two and for the “Dogs” who won the first game, they need to prepare for their opponents to bring it the next time and how they are going to handle that. If things still look this way after Friday night, then there may be cause for alarm. However, this is hockey, the sport where stranger things have happened…

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