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Alexander The What?

Last night we witnessed another round of Conference Quarter Finals as the next set of teams competed in their first day of the playoffs. Probably the most talked about, most anticipated match up of the evening was not just the number one seed in the East, but number one seed in the league Washington Capitals against the eighth seed in the East, and worst team (points wise) in the playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens.

Washington entered the playoffs with the best power play in the league and a slew of rock solid forwards who dominate the league on a regular basis. In front of all of these incredible players was their captain Alex Ovechkin who is known in Washington as Alexander the Great. Who?

That’s right, the so called “best player” in the NHL was not only held to no goals and no assists in Washington’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Habs, but to not a single shot on goal. How’s that for defense? And keep in mind Hab’s net minder Jaroslav Halak faced roughly 47 shots on goal. Out of those 47 shots, 13 of them came from Ovechkin’s linemates Mike Knuble and Nicklas Backstrom, but the 5 shots Ovechkin attempted were either blocked or nowhere at all near the net.

But don’t expect Ovechkin to go away quietly. He has 15 goals and 15 assists in his career during the playoffs. No one, including Couch Bruce Boudreau, thought Ovechkin played well in game one so don’t be surprised if he comes out running in Game 2 which takes place Saturday at 7pm ET on Versus. Can the Caps keep themselves alive? Or will this be another story of Alex the “great” choking on all the hype.

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