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Habs-Nothing to lose

After last nights display of excellent hockey between the Caps and Habs in Game 1, I have to say, go Habs go.

This series will not be battle of which team is more talented, the clear winner should be the Caps, this will be a battle of wills. Who wants to make it through the playoffs more?

Let me preface this by saying, I’m a believer and a realist. In no way, shape, or form do I think the Habs will win the almighty Stanley Cup this year. They are still rebuilding and patching the cracks at the core of their foundation. And, dare I say, most of the Montreal fans could stand to back off a little and tone down the ultra harsh criticism.

What I want to say is, without it being misinterpreted as a “Habs fan” comment, is that I think they have a hope in hell for this round. Yes the Caps finished 1st overall and yes the Habs finished 8th overall. But as you’ll note, they played their butts off last night and held up the defensive end like real super stars. Don’t argue. They did. The number one proof of this-Alex Ovetchkin had…count them…a big ZERO shots on net last night.

Let’s reCap. Ovi is not just Washington’s best player and captain (I’ll never understand that call) but he is also on top of the NHL leaderboard. He finished 3rd in goals, tied for 2nd in points, second in +/-, and in the top ten for assists.

How does Montreal, a team who has 2 starting goalies with sibling rivalry disorder, a middle of the pack defence and a decent offence but no one player on the team cries out NHL league leader. The only stat that comes close is Tomas Plekanec’s number of faceoffs won, he finished 3rd in the league. Everyone else falls very short of making an impact at the league level.

That said though, the chemistry on the ice is something to speak of. What it comes down to is this; the Habs have nothing to lose. They’ve made it into the playoffs and if they don’t make it into the next round, no big deal. The Caps on the other hand have everything to lose. The pressure is on and you can see it in the way they played last night. The Caps better pull it together if they plan on leaving the Habs behind.

And with that, I leave you this: my prediction for the series is for the Habs to win in 7.

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