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Nashville Predators looking for first postseason series win.

The Nashville Predators are not a member of the no-playoff-win group like the Blue Jackets and the Thrashers.  They’ve won playoff games – six of them, to be exact.  But, in their four postseason appearances, they’ve lost 16.  Do the math – that’s a first round exit every time.  The Preds have not exactly benefited from finishing in the standings the way that they have.  Every season they’ve been in the playoffs, they’ve had to deal with  either San Jose or Detroit in the first round, which almost isn’t fair. This year the fairness level doesn’t exactly go up – they get to work on taking out the Western Conference #2 and the Central Division Champion Chicago Blackhawks.  Good luck with this.

The driving force behind the Nashville Predators is their coach, Barry Trotz.  Year in and year out, he has done more with a roster devoid of superstars than any coach in the league.  Over the past ten seasons, Trotz has acquired a solid coaching record of 411-371-60-60.  That’s from a team whose biggest stars have probably been Shea Weber and Jason Arnott.  Both solid players in their own right, they would be more apt to be recognized as franchise players if they were on a team in a more traditional market.  As it stands, outside of Nashville, they’re absolutely not given their due.

Goaltending is another two headed monster, with Dan Ellis and Pekka Rinne.  Neither have played poorly in their past playoff experiences, and both can stand on their head in a heartbeat.  They also both have more playoff experience than Antti Niemi, and far more stability than Cristobal Huet.  Unfortunately, while goaltenders can steal a series for you, it’s helpful to have high goal scorers to give you a cushion, and the Predators don’t have anyone like Marian Hossa, Jonathan Toews, or Patrick Kane.  Ellis and Rinne are going to have to be amazing to keep these guys off the scoresheet.  Chicago is a powerhouse this season, and Nashville is going to have to figure some way to be better than the Blackhawks to avoid their 5th first round exit.  Best of luck.

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