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No Sutton Suspension for hit on Leopold

After further review the NHL decided to not suspend Ottawa forward Andy Sutton for his controversial hit on Penguins defenseman Jordan Leopold in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals. Leopold is listed as day to day and is reported to have a concussion.

Sutton admitted to the media that he saw that Leopold had his head down, but elected to take the hit anyways, calling it a hit like “any other” he has done all year. He caused even more uproar when video surfaced of his post game conference and he verbally attacked a reporter for asking him if he was aware that his elbow was up on the play.

“You’re telling me I got my elbow up,” Sutton said. “You’re an expert? You know it was up?”

He did not just ask the reporter if he was an “expert” once, but numerous times before an Ottawa rep deemed the interview was over.

Leopold has 15 assists and no goals in his post season career. The Pens have recalled Ben Lovejoy from Wilkes-Barre in Leopold’s absence, though it is more likely he will be replaced by Jay McKee when they head to Ottawa for Game 3 of the series at 630pm ET on Versus.

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