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Pattern of the Playoffs

After last night, every team left standing after the 2009-2010 season has played at least one game out of a possible seven game first series, and it seems as if we have have some kind of pattern on our hands.

Wednesday night marked the beginning of Conference Quarter Finals. We had (4)Pittsburgh vs (5)Ottawa and (2)New Jersey vs (7) Philadelphia in the East and (5)Detroit vs. (4) Phoenix and (1)San Jose vs (8) Colorado in the West. All four games had some interesting results. Not a single team most expected to win beat their opponent. In most cases it was a lower seeded team coming out on top of their higher seeded opponent. Also, each game had only a one goal difference. Fast forward to the second day of play for each of these teams and just the opposite happens. Every series has been tied up.

Thursday, (1) Washington vs (8) Montreal and the Habs earn the upset in the first game that goes to over time. Later on that night, (3)Vancouver vs (6) Los Angeles, the Cannucks may have gotten the win but another game that went into over time. Two games with another one goal difference, and the only other game that night did not go into OT, (3)Buffalo vs (6) Boston, but the game was a one goal difference as well.

Last night (2)Chicago lost to (7)Nashville in their first game of the series. Is it safe to predict the Hawks will come out on top in their next game on Sunday? Does it mean Ovechkin and the Capitals will really get their revenge on the lowly Canadiens? Tune in to Versus and NBC to find out!

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