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Go Habs Fans Go

I couldn’t wait for the misery to be over. Yes it was only one game, but what a blow out! What started off to be a pretty good contest went downhill fast when Montreal’s defence started to break down. But I wonder how much of the team is to blame and not the fans…

Some things of note to hockey fans – did anyone notice how the announcer pre-empted the American national anthem with “please join us in showing our respect…”? Hmmm (scratching head and pondering)… Clearly this was damage control towards the ignorant, if not passionate, fans who embarrassed themselves, Canada, Montreal, and the Canadiens a few years ago by booing during the singing of one of the greatest national anthems in the world.

My husband says that he, as a proud Canadian, has grown fonder of the American national anthem with age and maturity; as a Canadian myself, I truly respect that and the emotions that come with hearing an inspirational anthem.

That said, I’m embarrassed that those words were necessary but very happy with the effects of them. Not only did the fans present not boo the Star Spangled Banner, I could hear them singing along through my HD broadcast. That made me proud as a Canadian citizen.

I realize this won’t erase history but I do hope that horrible incident will be less of a hot topic.

On a game note – What were you thinking?! Seriously! Chanting “Ovi sucks!” and “O-vi” only gets him riled up and pumped to play his game… something that had been missing from this series up until now. I fear that Montreal fans are being type-cast by a group of lowlifes who have no idea what it was like to go to games back in the days of the old Forum.

That was a time when it was a great hockey experience to be at a Habs game. Now? Well, now the atmosphere of a night club bathroom at the end of a Frosh Week hoedown would be better that what fans are making the Bell Centre out to be.

There’s a reason I haven’t gone to any games this season. Yes Montreal fans – you are it.

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