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Another bout of bad judgment from Ovechkin

Since the infamous lockout, the league has hyped up superstars Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin pegging them the future of the “new” NHL. All eyes are on these guys as they are constantly pinned against each other and get more exposure than almost any other players in the league. They are looked at as role models for the future generation of the sport and one would think there is an unwritten code that they have to live by. Did Ovechkin miss that memo?

In the 2010 Winter Olympics, video surfaced of Ovechkin displaying what you could call “unsportsmanlike conduct” towards a Russian female fan as he tried to bat away the camera of a journalist after Team Russia’s loss to Canada.

Ovechkin apparently expressed remorse following the incident. Everyone makes mistakes, he is only human just like everyone else. But then during last night’s game against the Montreal Canadiens in Game Four of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Ovechkin showed some more bad judgement when he flew to the bench and skidded to a stop spraying ice over a small child who was on the ice holding a Canadien’s flag.

For a child, the chance to be on the ice at the tunnel when your home team comes out during the playoffs, could be considered an honor. The visitors box appears to be empty and Ovechkin could have done one of two things: A) Used another entrance or B) Slowed down prior the the door and not spray the kid with ice. Can we still classify this as everyone makes mistakes?

(Let us know your thoughts on Ovechkin here)

PLEASE NOTE: The videos in this post are compliments of You Tube. The titles and or content of the videos do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone at CWGAP.

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