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High Price to pay

The Habs have invested a lot in the development of Carey Price. As it turns out not all investments are sound and some advisers can give bad advice. Has Price finally reached his breaking point in Montreal?

I’m all for athletes displaying passion for their sport. Many professional athletes seem to have lost this spark over time, almost like their spirit has been worked too hard, gone through too many morning skates, one too many heckling fans and far too many negative media spot lights.

Just when you think that Price’s calm demeanor with the Montreal media was at its best he pulls a move in game last night.

Carey, what were you thinking out there? Two unsportsmanlike penalties is unacceptable for any player – and especially rare for a goalie. What set him off? Who knows? What I do know is he’s got a lot of personal reflection to do.

His first penalty came after Washington scored making it 4-2, he drilled the puck at the celebrating players in the corner and hit one of them in the rear-end. His second came when an empty netter was scored by Niklas Backstrom, he hit him from the bench as he skated by.

Why? Well maybe he has just snapped and needs to get the hell out of Dodge…

Either way his value on the open market has certainly diminished with his actions of late. And like all Habs players traded in the past, he will go for not more than a sack of pucks and then excel with whatever new team he might go to and then go on to win the Cup. Law of averages.

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