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Hossa Gets By With No Suspension

Yesterday afternoon’s 5-4 overtime thriller, in which the Chicago Blackhawks took the series lead over the Nashville Predators, was definitely one for the books. With less than 15 seconds remaining in regulation, Patrick Kane beat Pekka Rinne short handed. Well, even strength out front, but without a goaltender in the back, so yes, still kind of short handed.

The Predators were on the power play after controversial star Marian Hossa sent Predators defensemen Dan Hamhuis hard into the end boards and was signaled for boarding. A boarding call that was similar to the one Alex Ovechkin received on that same ice a little under six weeks ago for a shot at defensemen Brian Campbell. Campbell left the ice and missed the next five and half weeks of play. Ovechkin was given the same five minute major, but unlike Hossa was ejected from the game and went on to receive a two game suspension.

What most likely angers Predators fans the most is not that Hossa is getting by with out a suspension as we have recently come to find out, but that after the Hawks killed off the major penalty that carried over into overtime, Hossa was the one to fire the game winning shot past Rinne. The game winner that gave the Hawks breathing room in this tight series going into Game Six.

Colin Campbell and the NHL ruled that the incident did not deserve further discipline. Campbell released the following statement after this afternoon’s disciplinary hearing:

“I have made the decision that this play does not warrant supplemental discipline after considering all of the facts, including reviewing the video and speaking with Mr. Hossa,” said Campbell. “This play is distinguishable from recent incidents by a number of factors, including the degree of contact involved; the fact that the consequences of the play do not appear to be as severe; that this was a hockey play involving a race for the puck; that Mr. Hossa is not a repeat offender; and that the call of a major penalty by the referee was significant and appropriate.”

Campbell believes that the incident occurred in a race for the puck, but so did Ovechkin’s. The only differences you can see when watching the replay are that Ovechkin used more strength and both hands to shove Campbell into the boards, while Hossa shoved Hamhuis with one hand and that he was a bit closer to the boards. Campbell was injured on the play, left the game, and did not return for over a month while Hamhuis returned to play following the hit.

How much did the fact that we are in the post season factor into this decision? The NHL is known to be inconsistent in its rulings, especially during the playoffs. It is almost as if they are afraid to determine a series by removing a star player based on his bad judgment in one game, as we noticed with the rescinded suspension on Zdeno Chara the day before. Some fans would even go as far as saying that missing one playoff game is the same as missing 3+ in the regular season.

Hossa will continue to play as the series heads back to Nashville for Game Six. Feel free to take a look at the replay of the incident below and let us know what you think. Was the ruling by the NHL sufficient, or did Hossa truly deserve further reprimanding??

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