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Capitals succumb to Presidents Trophy Curse…

….or did they? Is the fact that the top seeded, league leading Washington Capitals were eliminated in the first round by who was thought to be the worst team in the post season, a result of what is thought of as the President’s Trophy Curse? Or could it be about what they didn’t do versus what the Montreal Canadiens did do? Curse or no curse, the Caps are out and the Habs have moved on to face the defending Stanley Cup Champions in round two.

Let’s look at what we do know, shall we? The Capitals are a power house up front. Alex Ovechkin has won the Hart Trophy, the leagues most valuable player, for the past 3 straight years. He finished this season second in scoring behind Sidney Crosby and Steve Stamkos, and right under Henrik Sedin in points. Offensively, the guy can play. We know this. But then why was the twitter world putting out constant APB’s on the league’s superstar? Because he was silent, and he wasn’t the only one.

Where Ovechkin had a few goals and the same amount of assists, Alexander Semin was just about completely absent for the majority of the series. He managed two assists, one coming in last nights game and the other in Game Four, but for the high caliber player he is and the ice time he logged, he should have produced more. He was expected to produce more, and he didn’t.

The Canadiens were a team that was worrying about their goaltending, however they produced the best in the playoffs so far in Jaroslav Halak. Though Halak was pulled in favor of Carey Price after a poor performance in Game Three, he bounced back and made some unbelievable stops against the power offense of the Capitals. So is it safe to say that it wasn’t so much the Caps lack of trying, but the phenom of a net minder the Habs had in their back end?

Last night’s disallowed goal that the Caps are furious about, does that play a factor? Had the goal been allowed, and Mike Knuble not been ruled a nuisance to Halak in the crease, game seven could have gone to overtime and the Capitals could have had 2o extra minutes to try to redeem themselves after such a stellar regular season. Coulda Woulda Shoulda though, it didn’t, they didn’t and now they will hit the golf course.

Blame the Curse? You could and excuse the lack of firepower out of the leagues most feared offense. But its likely won’t be ruled the cause. Where does this leave Semin, trade bait for next season? What about Coach B, and his inexcusable behavior on the bench when he was supposed to be the confidence and support his team needed when down 2-0 in a game seven? And Ovechkin’s reputation? Now that’s two game sevens and one big one for his home country…hmmm

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