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Western Conference: Round Two for the Sharks and Red Wings

Tonight is the start of round two for the Western Conference in San Jose where the top seeded Sharks will take on the fifth seeded Red Wings. While there were no upsets in the Western Conference in the first round the underdogs (and yes the Coyotes were underdogs) there were holes exposed in each team. It appears that some teams are better positioned for round three and the final dance with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Sharks v. The Red Wings
San Jose:
While San Jose beat the Avalanche in six games the young squad exposed some weak holes in their offense and their goalie. Joe Pavelski is the only clutch player for this team. Their top line that produced so much in the Olympics didn’t play in this series. Now you may say yes they did, but what did they do? If the Sharks are going to hold off the much more experienced, much more physical, and highly talented Red Wings. Evgeni Nabokov did not face to many shots and his mental preparedness was lacking to say the least. With how the Red Wings broke Vezina candidate Ilya Bryzgalov down (for those who do not remember Bryzgalov closed the door to Canada after Nabokov’s dismal start) Evgeni should be no problem.

Red Wings:
While the Coyotes forced a game seven the Wings hit their stride and aren’t turning back. Their rookie goalie, the only Calder candidate left in the playoffs, was strong. While he wasn’t perfect he doesn’t need to be. Their goalie is strong, their defense is strong, and their big guys come up when needed.

The Sharks will need to find their strength if they want a shot. Unfortunately the Red Wings have already found their stride. Detroit in no more than six.

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