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Playoff Journal 2: Sara

Round two is under way. We made it through, and I can almost breathe again. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t nervous in game six. We were down by three most of the game, what Pens fan wasn’t nervous? Yeah there would be a game seven, but no one ever wants to see it go that far unless you are one of those fans who think you know everything there is to know about the “show” and think it would have been good for hockey. Ugh, but don’t even get me started on those kind of fans.

We’re now eight games in, and I still haven’t shaved my legs. Its gross, I know. There have been a couple of times when I have contemplated it, and it is getting warm out around here so pants aren’t always an option. I went out for the first time in a long time Saturday night and let me tell you what a task it was to find something to wear to a club in my situation. Oh well, I’m not going to mess with superstition. I already blame myself for yesterday’s loss as I passed up my normal beverage of choice in favor of anything that did not contain alcohol as by body was already kicking me from the night before.

We played an excellent game in the opening contest, four for four on the power play in the playoffs is pretty effing amazing. It didn’t last through game two though, tough loss, but am I nervous yet? Not in the slightest. The loss of Staalzy was huge, but we have one of the most all around stacked teams in the league, and while his absence does make a difference, it wouldn’t be the first time the guys would have to step up with a star player out of the line up. Crosby high ankle sprain anybody? Geno missed how many games this year?

There has been a lot of twitter talk about bandwagon fans today, and everyone jumping down Flower’s throat because Halak played one game better then him. Let’s be honest, Flower has not been the goaltender we all saw last playoffs, but that is the past, get over it. He will be back, he will bounce back, that is what he does. This is a team game, and if you’re gonna place some blame, place it all around. Not just on Flower, Sid, Geno etc.

I downloaded Iheartradio about a week ago, and am loving the fact that I can listen to Penguins Live to and from work every day. I sent the show an email today, and it was read and my questions answered. What were they? What is the deal with Feds? Maybe its the superstition in me again, but has anyone else noticed that we have played a little better, won a little more, when he has been scratched? He has won two championships in the past so many odd years, so he has to be doing something right, but where is that something right this post season? C’mon Feds, take a page from the book of Craig Adams, he’s someone who has definitely stepped up for us.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but the second round around the league hasn’t been as exciting for me. I know there have only been a couple of games played, but no other team is holding my attention like my Pens always do. Based in Chicago, its natural to want to watch the Hawks. I didn’t even finish the game Saturday night. It was embarrassing. Everyone wanted to see Huet in net, throw Niemi under the bus, but it wasn’t just Niemi, the defense was horrible. Not what we are all used to seeing come out of the Hawks. Maybe Coach Q knew that as well.  I don’t know if Huet replaced Niemi come the third period, I had given up by then.

I did enjoy watching the Bruins/Flyers game though. I am kind of torn with who I want to see come out on top in that one. If we make it through this round, who do we want to play? I feel dirty cheering on Philly, as they are our cross state rivals, but I have my undisclosed selfish reasons for that, and Boston, well I like Tukka Rask, that’s no secret, but do I want to deal with the Bruins now that Savard is back? I don’t know. That game should never have made it to OT though, you never want to see a lead that strong blown like that, I mean unless it’s your own team doing the coming back.

Alright, Game three tomorrow night, first one that won’t be on tv. Gotta figure out what I am gonna do about that. I always watch the games on my couch, by myself. Do I watch a lousy feed on the computer, or do I find some place to go and watch it? I haven’t decided yet, but either way, I want to see a huge comeback from my boys. And Saturday, we know there will be a game five, and I am hoping things work out and I will be in attendance. We shall see…

That’s all from me today, I will be back with more of my playoff experience next week. And as always… LETS GO PENS!!!

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