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Playoff Journal: Laura

It’s more than a little tough for me during the playoffs, since neither of my teams – Blues or Thrashers – decided to make the big show.  Yeah, both teams decided to flirt with almost kind of sort of being in the hunt, but at the end of the year the Blues were in 9th and the Thrashers were in 10th.

What to do?  Well, as a Blues fan, I’m fairly sure that you could expect that my playoff ire would be directed at the Wings and Hawks.  And you would be right.  It killed me to see the Coyotes knocked off in game seven like that, not just because of who they lost to, but because their surprising season came to an end.

But the whole first round wasn’t a bust.  I loved watching the Kings and Avs push the Canucks and Sharks to the edge.  I kind of expected the underdogs to not win, but it was just as much fun to see them work as hard as they did as it would have been to see them win.  Round two, obviously, my eggs are in San Jose and Vancouver’s baskets, crappy reffing or not (and yes, I did think a LOT of the calls in last night’s DET/SJS games were phantom).

The East I, as always, have to go with the Pens since I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid and got to watch Lemieux play.  I respect what the Habs did in round one, and I’m thrilled to see Halak play as well as he has, though – and frankly, a Habs/Bruins ECF would be epic.  I’m enjoying watching the Bruins and Flyers smack each other around.  This series might be, shockingly enough, the most fun one to watch out of the four.

Hey, I have to enjoy myself somehow.  I love playoff hockey, and I’ll watch it regardless… but if two other teams were in instead, it’d make it just that much more enjoyable.

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