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Jagr Re-signs with KHL?

Reported this morning that Jaromir Jagr has re-signed with the KHL team Avangard Omsk the GM has not confirmed anything. Stating instead that he would like to get him re-signed by the World Championships. So what is the draw of the KHL?

For starters it’s international hockey which means two important things. One, larger sheet of ice. Two, Auto-icing. These two big factors mean that the dump and chase style of play that we watch here in North America is not used. Teams have to start the play in their defensive end or the neutral zone before advancing to their offensive zone. There have been many times when players get injured racing for icing. This is not only safer for players, but the open ice usually means the plays are that much more intricate and beautiful.

It all comes down to money. While there’s a salary cap over here and of course high taxes, the Russian league has neither. The typical player in the NHL pays over 50% in taxes. The average amount in the KHL? No where NEAR that expensive. So while the contract is typically less money than over here, given the fact that less is taken out it’s about even.

And last but not least, he’s old. The KHL plays half as many games as the NHL, which means you have just as much money after taxes and play half as many games. What’s not to love? Well for starters you’re not playing against the best in the world. Then there’s the fact that you cannot get your name on Lord Stanley’s chalice if you are not playing in the NHL.

We will have to wait and see if Jagr stays over in the KHL for sure when the information is released.

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