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Best Fans?

There are a lot of great hockey fans out there, unfortunately you’d never know if you watched playoff hockey. As fans we’ve been blessed with the greatest sport in the world. You’ll hear other fans decry this statement but tell me, what other sport combines the grace and agility with the aggression and fighting of hockey? What other sport does a superstar lead his team in goals and assists but also in taking out the opponent like Alex Ovechkin? What other sport is as fast paced as hockey but also is difficult to score in? That is packed tight with a rigorous schedule and equally rigorous playoff schedule? Who else goes for seven months of regular season play not including pre-season games or playoff games? And on top of that, all while playing a sport more dangerous than any of the other three combined? Bet you can’t think of any, because there aren’t.

Hockey is truly a unique sport. It is as fast paced as basketball (but honestly a thousand times more interesting), as physical as football (but hockey has more games for a longer season), and honestly baseball has spurts of excitement whereas hockey is constantly moving. Did you know the average football game has about eleven minutes of real action. Not standing at the line, picking oneself off of the dog pile or standing in a huddle, real action. From the time the ball is snapped until the whistle blows the average action played is eleven minutes. Less than twenty regular season games and no series for their championship. Is this really the most physical game in the world? How many ‘bigger’ football players are there? How many ‘fat’ hockey players are there? Well there was Mike Green but he was put on a rigorous diet and exercise system and some say Dustin Byfuglien is kind of chunkier, so what, two? We’re pretty lucky in hockey, great sport with great players doing great things for their community often without recognition. So should we be the greatest fans out there? You’d think so, but some fans are giving others a bad name.

So what is it about these playoffs that has brought out the nasty in the fans everywhere? Did people forget what Thumper’s mother told him? “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all!” Last night was a new low, but I already have my opinion on Canucks fans and this did NOT help them. Want to know more about why I have my bias against the Canucks and their fans? Read here and here.

Last night the Hawks spanked the Canucks on home ice. The fans were less than thrilled about it. They believed the refs were biased (which honestly there were calls missed but I’d hardly call it a conspiracy or biased officiating, more like not being able to see every single play) and thus when the game ended they not only boo’d but they started throwing trash on the ice and flipping everyone off, including the television crews. From my tweet I asked what people thought of this. Fans around the league were shocked and disheartened that Van City was classless last night, but some in Vancouver were edgy, defensive, and honestly, proving themselves to be kind of dogs. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Vancouver, the place is gorgeous and overall the people there are Canadian, i.e. some of the friendliest, easy going people you’ll meet. I received this in response to my asking about the trash throwing incident from someone on twitter “@concretefluff @chicksgiveapuck get off your high horse. Emotions were high refs were biased. It happened. Get over it” So now ‘biased’ officiating and emotions mean you can do whatever the hell you please? Come on fans, let’s rise above it shall we?

After all the trash throwing and finger flipping some of the Canucks fans weren’t even done. They then went on to the blogs and started using racial slurs about Dustin Byfuglien who happens to be African American. Really? We have an African American President (whom whether you like or not achieved something no other African American has done and should be respected) and we are still telling offensive racial jokes and using racial slurs? I thought this was 2010 not 1860. Again while this may be a ‘small minority’ according to Canucks fans at the game, no incident is ‘isolated’ or ‘small’ when it is captured on television broadcast nationally. Here’s a four step reminder checklist for next time.

1) Take Race out of it. Ignorance is not something to be proud of. Class it up a bit people.
2) Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone has one and they all stink. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you do it or your children then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. And if you don’t mind then you probably shouldn’t have children and just run straight to the doctor and get sterilized now and do us all a favor.
3) Officiating doesn’t win games, it may make it difficult but these guys are professionals. Stop taking stupid penalties, stop being so emotional and START playing the game. Heart can overcome ‘unfair’ officiating. Want to see some unfair officiating Canucks fans? Check out the game three game winning goal by San Jose Sharks when they have SEVEN men on the ice and it still counted. This is not an isolated event so teams need to just shut up and step up.
4) Throwing trash on the ice because you’re mad is not fair to the people who clean it up. People who had nothing to do with the ‘unfair officiating’ or ramped up ’emotions’ from your team losing. Those people are most likely your neighbors. People who make the same if not less than you do trying to make a decent living. Those are the people you are punishing, did you really direct your emotions at the right person? Did you really make your point or did you just in fact dump the problem onto someone who had nothing to do with the situation?

Vancouver, your fans are not the only ones who have misbehaved. Unfortunately you did so in the most unbecoming manner so I had to criticize. In addition, after such amazing behavior at the Winter Olympics showing the entire world how classy you are, it’s harder to watch such unbecoming behavior like this afterwards. This was a small minority and most fans did not participate. Those bad behaving fans, however, are still putting their stink all over the city, the team, and the other fans. Moral of the story? Maybe it’s time the NHL start using that ‘big brother’ service they are using at other games where you can call or text unruly fans behavior in and they are escorted out. Believe me, I dislike all classless behavior from ALL clubs. If you’re going to be a hockey fan do the following:

1) Don’t leave before the game ends if you don’t have to be elsewhere. True fans stay until the end.
2) Your behavior reflects upon your city and your team. Whether you want people to see your hometown and your team in a positive or negative light is really up to you.
3) Going with the crowd has never been the right decision, think for yourself.
4) NEVER throw things. And  honestly, don’t boo your hometeam either. Who are you, Adrian Dater? I don’t care if you don’t like how they’re playing you don’t boo. End of statement.
5) Did you really need to fight another fan? No, leave the fighting to the pros and sit your butt down.
6) Whatever happened to going to the bathroom/getting food only inbetween plays. Sit your butt down and don’t block my view.
7) Children are at the game, keep your language as PG as possible.
8) It’s only a game albeit a great game, we’re not curing cancer here. Maybe don’t get into fights, kill your wife, or behave badly over hockey.

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  1. Will
    May 7, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Courtney, Canucks “fans” are by far the worst hockey fans and beyond even embarrassing just people in Vancouver they have gotten to the point of even embarrassing Canadians as a whole.

    Spike TV did a poll of the worst fans in all sports and Canucks fans came in 5th, considering hockey is a distant 4th place sport compared to baseball, football and basketball this is quite a feat to even make the list. They are the #1 worst hockey fans easily in the NHL.


    They have a long history of tasteless, classless and bad behavior. In 1994 they unleashed the worst hockey riots in NHL history. It really is an embarrassment to all Canadians because it is the EXACT opposite of what all Canadians consider themselves to be which is peaceful, easy going, respectful and very polite.

    Canucks fans though are the exact opposite and all we can do now is cheer against them which I do as a hockey fan who cheers for another Canadian team. I cheer for my team first and for every team who plays against Vancouver second…

    The Stanley Cup should never be blemished or tarnished with the name of the Vancouver Canucks because of their fans.

  2. May 7, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski tweeted “Race-based reactions to Byfuglien in last 12 hours in comments, social media are disgusting. Didn’t think fellow puckheads would go there.” – This is the main problem I had with the trash throwing the other night. That the trash didn’t end with throwing it on the ice, it was spread to the internet with classless reactions that shouldn’t exist anymore.

  3. Sol
    May 12, 2010 at 11:27 am

    How about the fan throwing a beer at a Hawk supporter? How about the fan who used a lazer pointer at Calgary’s goalie. I hate Vancouver with a passion! Not so much the players but because of the cluless fans with no class…

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