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A riot of a good game

Where to begin…Well first let me take back my original prediction for this series which was Pens in 5. Yes, I’m a Habs fan, but again, I’m a realist. In a million years I could have never predicted the downfall of the reigning Stanley Cup Champions to a team who squeaked into the playoffs. Never. I’m happy to be wrong.

I’ve left most of this series’ blogging to Sara, sitting in the wings but all the while tweeting her and getting her all riled up every other day. My condolences Sara, I know how much 87 means to you.

My take on this series; this win comes with a grain of salt. As a Habs fan I’m elated, ecstatic, and overwhelmed with pride for my home team who had all the odds against them. (I hope someone has cashed in!) On the other hand, I work for a brand that I’m also quite passionate about whose “poster boy” is Sid. The Penguins are good for hockey, good for business, and good for growing the game in the US. None of these things directly affect my life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. And just like that I can switch hats and put on my construction helmet equipped with a 2 beer holders, straws, a Habs logo, and a revolving red light.

Last night’s Game 7 was shown via live feed on the big screen at the Bell Centre last night to a sell-out crowd of extremists…umm…I mean, Habs fans. Any way you spin it, win or lose, I’m convinced the end result in the streets would have been the same. In the case you’re unaware; there is a long-standing history of looting and rioting in Montreal. Sometimes it’s related to sporting events (won and lost), Metallica concerts gone bad…take your pick. Montreal fans were setting it on fire last night…literally. You (crazy Habs fans) have yet to disappoint and have made last night’s opportunity really count. (insert sarcasm and looks of utter disgust).

A well-known Quebec journalist and retired NHL referee, Ron Fournier, has a radio show. We’ll call him an animated character. He is known to many as the prophet for having made wild Habs predictions and incredibly, been right. When the Habs play, his show runs from pre game talk, play-by-play, to post game ending at midnight. Where am I going with all this? He was part of the action last night on the street interviewing fans and condoning their excitement until 4am!

Have we lost our minds in Montreal? Some have.

I think back to the days when Kovalev was supposed to be the big savior and how Montrealers picketed outside the Bell Centre protesting to get him back from Ottawa when he was traded. Where would the Habs be now if we still had him on the team? Very simply, not in the playoffs.

As they trek on, still with nothing to lose, I’m not going to be over-confident for the next round. I don’t remember the last time the Habs were this deep in the playoffs…I wasn’t a hockey fan back then and truly missed out on, what I hope, wasn’t my one and only chance at seeing the Habs win the big SC.

When I agreed to blogging about my team for the playoffs I thought “sure, why not. I shouldn’t have too many entries to post.” No expectations means it hurts less when a loss is handed to the fan base. Great expectations set you up for the hardest fall.

As the NHL is pushing-History will be made…I can’t wait to see what the stars have lined up for us next!

PS. For some added fun to your day, just Google the words “Montreal riot” and see what you come up with. I’d love to hear your comments. Which one is your favourite?

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