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Lightning Strike Deal with Veilleux

The Tampa Bay Lightning have either folded to public pressure and bad press, or are coming to their senses. Either way the team has agreed to pay for Veilleux’s surgery and plane ticket. Allan Walsh simply stated “Tampa did the right thing and we are grateful. Time to move on.”

While Walsh is right, people need to stop picking on Tampa Bay now, there is a lesson to be learned still. Other clubs should take note, as well as other agents. The day of social media has taken full force. When the every day person can create a Facebook fan club petitioning for Betty White to host SNL forces NBC to take note. When a simple person as myself can tweet at Bill Gates in hopes of a response. Social Media is eliminating the gap between the powerful and the powerless. There has always been power in numbers, and social media has found a way to give power to the people in a peaceful, riotless way (this does not include Montreal.) Clubs and agents should realize the pros and cons of social media as soon as possible to avoid any negative publicity. As we know, hockey fans can be pretty demanding, and they become lethally powerful when they have the ear of others.

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