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One For The Record Books?

Boston, Massachusetts, a historic setting for where history could be made tonight. The good people of Beantown, as it’s affectionately called, are hoping it’s not. The Boston Bruins won two hard fought battles before easily putting the Flyers away in game three. Many counted the Flyers down and out, few expected them to bounce back with three wins and force a game seven. IF the Flyers win tonight they will be only the third team to ever come back from a series 3-0 deficit and win it. So the question is, will history be made tonight?

Why it will:
When the Flyers were down and out this series there was a serious momentum change. It occurred in game four, and they haven’t looked back. Game four was a hard fought game, much like games one and two. They were fighting for each puck and hoping for some lucky breaks. Did they ever get them. Halfway thru the first overtime they scored. Although initially plagued with injuries, the Flyers have gotten Gagne back and Giroux was able to escape without being too badly injured. While Carter, Boucher, and Laperierre are out indefinitely, the rest of the team, including their AHL affiliate players have definitely stepped up. Since game three the Flyers have dominated. Game five in Boston they shut the Bruins out, 4-0, even after changing goalies. Game six in Philadelphia they won 2-1.

Why it won’t:
There’s a reason it has only been done five times beforehand. That reason is it’s hard to win four in a row. There’s fewer come from behind wins then there are sweeps, with good reason. After six hard fought games players are tired, emotional, and drained.

This game needs to be played smart and yet hard. Aggressive, yet controlled. There’s no room for error on either side. The team that is able to keep its emotions in check will advance. As we saw the other night in Pittsburgh, sometimes the home ice isn’t the biggest advantage. If Boston can keep the emotions at bay they have a shot.

It should be a hard fought game either way but the mental pressure is on Bruins who have all but blown this series, and not on Philadelphia who is in a no lose situation. If they lose they were supposed to, if they win they did it against all odds. If Boston loses, they only have themselves to blame and if they win there will be people saying they should have gotten it done earlier. Either way, not a good note to enter the next series.

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