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PensU teams up with Cooke Family Foundation of Hope

Recently I have had the opportunity to fuel my love for the Pittsburgh Penguins by joining the amazing team over at Pens Universe. Come fall you will find yours truly bringing the site and it’s fans my pregame analysis, as well as a few good reads from time to time. But before I can do that, I want to clue you all in on what’s going on right now, and the incredible opportunity that has come their way.

Pens U is teaming up with the Cooke Family Foundation of Hope. This non-profit foundation was created by Michelle and Matt Cooke in effort to bring hope into the lives of individuals everywhere who need it, whether its giving a child an opportunity they otherwise would never have or financially supporting children’s charities all over Canada the best they can.

This summer, Pens U is donating 50% of their profits from the sales of anything on their Zazzle store to the Cooke Foundation of Hope. This means ANY t-shirt or other paraphernalia. There are several different items to choose from with more to come as the summer progresses. Not a Pens fan? That’s okay too, you can purchase a Foundation of Hope t-shirt as well. C’mon guys, who can pass up an opportunity to help out a good cause!! Visit pensuniverse.com for more information.

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