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The Hossa Curse

As the Chicago BlackHawks prepare to take on the Philadelphia Flyers in this years Stanley Cup Final, what is known as the Hossa Curse has to be running through heads of fans everywhere. Will this be another year of said curse, or will third time be the charm for Hawks’ forward Marian Hossa?

In case you’re not familiar, which let’s be honest, if you’re a hockey fan you probably are, Hossa was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins at the trade deadline two seasons ago along with Pascal Dupuis in exchange for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, prospect Angelo Esposito, and a first round draft pick. Quite a bit for what the Pens looked at as a key player to help them win a championship. The Pens did make it to the finals but lost to the Detroit Red Wings.

The following year, Hossa decided he didn’t want to stay in Pittsburgh. After allegedly turning down contracts from both the Pens and the Edmonton Oilers, Hossa signed a one-year contract with the Wings. They had just come off a Stanley Cup win, surely this was the best team to give him that chance to win the most coveted trophy in the NHL. The Wings danced with Lord Stanley again, but so did the Pens, this time getting their revenge both on the team that stole their dream, and the man who didn’t feel they could get it done.

So where does Hossa go from here? He turned down multi-year contracts to play for one season with Detroit, and the Wings had already locked in Henrik Zetterberg to a lengthy contract worth 73 million. Hossa was willing to take less money to play with Detroit again, but after losing the Cup (again) he chose the Hawks, signing a 12-year top heavy contract which stirred a little controversy around the league, but that’s not important.

Why not the Hawks? They made it as far as the Conference finals the year before, and Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are easily the Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin of the Western Conference. Young talent, exceptional coaching and the drive to bring the cup back to Chicago after a few decades is more than enough to entice Hossa.

With that being said, what will it be? Will the curse show its ugly face again, or will Hossa finally get his day with the Cup? They do say third time is the charm. Thoughts??

  1. Wayne stuck in AL
    June 1, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    If there is a god, I want to see Hossa on the losing end again!

    (As a Atlanta Flames/Thrasher fan who’s seen his team regularly beaten up by the guys in orange, you don’t know how much it kills me to have to root for Philly…)

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