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Will “Chrissy” Pronger get the last laugh?

If you are following the Stanley Cup Finals or if you are a resident of Chicago or Philadelphia, it is almost a guarantee that you have seen the poster from the Chicago Tribune yesterday. It depicts a photoshopped image of Chris Pronger in a skirt. The title is “Chrissy Pronger.” It goes on to mention how he looks like Tarzan and skates like Jane. It also makes a point that Chris Pronger was a minus 5 in game five and a minus 4 total in Chicago’s three wins of this series.

Whoever came up with the poster must have the sense of humor of a five-year old. The problem isn’t necessarily photoshopping the picture and coming up with the cheesy title (although that was pretty juvenile). The problem is the lack of accuracy in the poster. The point is obviously to make Chris Pronger look like he has had a bad series and that Chicago has solved him. You can’t take away game 5. Chicago fans and media can get in their cheap shots about that. Chris Pronger probably put up the worst numbers of his career that night. But to total up the +/- rating for Chicago’s 3 wins was where the reporter (or reporters) went wrong.

It is clearly stated that Chris Pronger was a minus 4 in Chicago’s three wins. Well, since he was a minus 5 in game five, then that means that Pronger was a plus 1 in games 1 and 2. What exactly is bad about that? This article actually proved that Chris Pronger has had a great series aside from one game.

If I were a Blackhawks fan or player, I would not be happy about with the Chicago Tribune. Chris Pronger knows well enough not to read anything online or in the papers, so I doubt that he has actually seen the picture. But he knows about this now. Pronger already has enough motivation to play his heart out in game six after the worst game of his career, and I’m sure the picture just gave him added motivation. If it doesn’t motivate him, it will definitely motivate someone in the Flyers locker room which will in turn get the rest of the team going.

The Chicago Tribune not only showed childishness, but they also showed a lack of knowledge of this series. Chris Pronger is probably the number one candidate for the Conn Smythe Trophy right now. He has been the most important player of the series for the Flyers. Pronger is the guy that everyone loves to hate, but would accept with open arms if he was traded to your team. Putting “100 % Chance You’ll Change Our Minds if Hawks Sign Him” right next to his +/- ratings on that poster shows exactly that. If Chris Pronger played for the Blackhawks, they wouldn’t have a single thing bad to say about him.

When your team is one win away from the Stanley Cup, wouldn’t you rather look at the path ahead instead of dwelling on ONE bad game by the other team’s BEST player? And if you really felt the need to pick on a Flyers player for having a bad series, then why not go after guys that have actually had a bad series and not the leading candidate for the Conn Smythe Trophy? This article just makes no sense to a lot of people and the question remains if Chris Pronger will be getting the last laugh. With this resilient Flyers team, I would have been afraid to print something like that. Because we all know that the Flyers are far from done in this series. And Chris Pronger and the guys are ready for a bounce back game.

And as a Flyers fan all I can do is laugh at the picture and say “Nice legs.” I can’t possibly be offended because the whole thing was so inaccurate and ridiculous.

  1. Hetti
    June 9, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    You are right! Inaccurate and ridiculous, and possibly a motivator for Pronger in game 6, but it did give me a chuckle, anyway… I think Pronger is a big boy and can take it. He’ll show up, big time, tonight! I’d bet on it!

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