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Blackhawks Thriller Season Ends With Vanishing Puck

Winning Goal!


I sat in shock as I watched Patrick Kane throw his stick, fling his gloves off, remove his mouthpiece and wave his fists in the air while he skated  towards Antti Niemi. I told everyone in the room to be quiet. Where’s the puck? I looked at all of them. I looked back at the tv and said, “Oh, my god, I think they just won.” By that time Kane had jumped onto Niemi who was still waiting for the Flyers to skate his way with more shots on goal. But they didn’t. Everyone stood still. Then one by one the Hawks started pouring onto the ice happily hugging one another, waiting for the officials to inform the viewing audience that THEY JUST WON THE STANLEY CUP!!! 

What a game! This roller coaster of scoring was not for the faint of heart. The Flyers had a lead in the second period and later lost it only to tie the game with under 4 minutes left in the third. The Flyers came with a flurry at the beginning of overtime forcing Niemi to make a heart stopping save 20 seconds in. The Flyers and the city of Philadelphia should be very proud of their accomplishment. Truly this was an amazing series.  

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman presented Jonathan Toews with the Conn Smythe Trophy traditionally awarded to the playoffs most valuable player. Toews graciously accepted his trophy and pointed to his teammates saying, “You guys did this. You guys.” Toews finished the playoffs with 29 points, including 22 assists. Toews is lovingly called “Captain Serious” by his teammates and this rising star at the young age of 22 has won the Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal and the Conn Smythe Trophy all within five months of each other. This is a phenomenal accomplishment for being on such a huge stage.  Toews is one of the youngest captains on the NHL and in my opinion he deserves to wear the “C” with great pride. Toews led the Blackhawks to the playoffs for the two years in a row.  Teammate Patrick Sharp stated, “He has been awesome. Without him we’re not here.”  

Then Lord Stanley came out. How beautiful this highly polished, 35 pound trophy looked as Toews received it, held it high in the air while shouting with great joy and jubilation. Marian Hossa was the next player to receive the Cup. The “Hossa Curse” can finally take a hearse. Hossa went to three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals first with the Pittsburgh Penguins, secondly with the Detroit Red Wings and finally, victoriously with Chicago. I watched joyfully as each player got his chance to hold Stanley. Maybe I shed a tear or two. After all it’s not every day you get to say you saw history in the making. 

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