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Halak goes from Bleu, Blanc, Rouge to just the Blues

It was a matter of seconds for word to spread around my office about Pierre Gauthier’s actions. My Facebook news feed lit up. And, it’s not proven, bur I’m sure a few cell phone towers emitted more than the safe level of micro-waves throughout the city of Montreal today.

How to come to terms with this as a Habs fan who has seen the most successful post-season unfold before your eyes? Well you just do. It’s a fact of life as a hockey fan. There are things that you would never change if you were GM of a pro team and there are plenty of things you would…because let’s face it. The fans always know what’s best for the franchise.

In all seriousness, I’m upset. Jaroslav Halak not only was an absolute rock star this season and carried the Habs as far as round three in the playoffs, but he was also the star of many Habs memorabilia.

But again, I’ll go back to a previous blog post I wrote, Carey Price has the potential to be a number one goalie. Is he ready? Is this the right market for him? Sink or swim, the Habs have invested in him already whereas Halak just happened to turn out to be just as good, if not better in some cases.

Either way we now have to live with Gauthier’s decision to trade him for basically a sack of pucks, which is what most goalie go for these days. This sack of pucks just happens to be in the form of 2 “prospects”. I use quotations there because the word prospect is usually something hopeful or positive. I’m wary.

These apparent 6 foot 200 lb kids look OK on paper in terms of adding some size to the Canadiens’ pint-sized roster. However! A third rounder today is not a third rounder from 10 years ago.

How? You ask. I’ll tell you. North American parents are so bent on immersing their kids in hockey 24/7/365 because they’re convinced that from birth their son will make into to the NHL. Well these young talents being drafted haven’t diversified their accounts meaning they’ve been playing and training for hockey and only hockey. It’s rare today that you see a draftee who only started playing hockey at the age of 12 or 13. Anyway, I digress. My point is, these guys will not be anything more than fourth-liners.

Hey boys, that’s me challenging you to step up your game and make it to the next level in Montreal-where the fans will love you or hate you with every ounce of their being. Good luck!

On a Montreal fan note-this might just be one of those events that will encourage some idiot fans to once again protest in front of the Bell Centre sporting their Halak stop sign t-shirts, something that was ironically made during the playoff run because he was stopping everything.

Can’t wait to see how this one pans out over the next day or so. Maybe it will go one step further and there will be a burning at the cross.

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