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St. Louis Blues acquire Jaroslav Halak from Habs

In a trade that came so far out of left field it was a Bleacher Creature, the St. Louis Blues acquired Montreal playoff hero Jaroslav Halak today in a trade that saw Lars Eller and prospect Ian Schwartz go back to the Habs.  The Blues have been in need of a starting goaltender for quite some time (some might argue 1998 or so), and while Chris Mason was a solid guy in net, his one a game soft goals and occasional questionable decisions during a game had set the Beard up to become a lightning rod for irritated fans.  The Blues missed the playoffs by five points this year, while the Habs, in front of Halak, made it to the Eastern Conference finals.

Halak led all goaltenders in the playoffs with a .923 SV%  His season stats (2.40 GAA and a .924 SV%) were higher than Mason’s during the season.  Halak might have benefitted from having a shot blocking defense in front of him, but this is a definite upgrade in net.  The Blues now have one of the hottest young goaltenders and one of the best back-ups in the league, making them a definite contender in the Western Conference, and possibly a step above Nashville and Columbus (I say possibly b/c I’m being polite).

Lars Eller was a great up and coming forward and should serve the Habs well, and while Ian Schultz has a few more years of development, he should also be a strong addition to Montreal.  Of course, my focus is on St. Louis, and as a whole, they won this trade, hands down.

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