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Matt Cooke Will Stay….

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for, well the moment us Pens fans have been waiting for, Matt Cooke has committed to a verbal contract that keeps him  in Pittsburgh for another three seasons. The contract, is reported to be worth 1.8MM with a no trade clause. [Pens Universe]

Cooke, who finished the regular season with 15 goals and 15 assists, was thought to be one of General Manager Ray Shero’s number one priorities this off-season along side defenseman Sergei Gonchar.

Cooke may be a bit of a controversial forward with his history of head shots and suspensions, but that doesn’t mean Pens fans wanted to see him gone. And let’s face it, would you want to play against him? Probably not. With the news of this signing coming early on the day the 2010-2011 schedule is released and the awards show just a day away, it really is like Christmas for Pens fans.

The Fans Sound Off:

“Love the deal. Unlike [Sean]Avery, Cooke has stayed true to his game and hasn’t become a shell of his agitator self despite being watched just as hard by the refs. Plus his PK and scoring skills have only improved under [Dan]Bylsma.” – Eddie, Baltimore, MD

“hdkdjdkdjskdjskdid amazing news to wake up to!! =) =)” Abi, San Diego, CA

“I think it was a great signing for the Pens to keep a guy like Cooke who can cause a little havoc but also play the game. I mean other teams have guys who are agitators and that’s all they are to where Matt, can agitate and score goals.” Nicole, Pittsburgh, PA

“VERY HAPPY! 😀 elbows will be flying for 3 more years!! wooooo” Swetha, Toronto

“Good deal. Cooke stays. After all, how many goals did he score in playoffs.” Scott, Lancaster PA

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