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Gonchar Signs 3 Year Deal With Ottawa

After much anticipation of whether he will stay or he will go, Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar has signed a three year 5.5MM deal with the Ottawa Senators that reportedly has a no trade clause. (VIA TSN)

Ray Shero and the Penguins had been working around the clock to map out a deal for Gonchar. It was rumored that he was asking for a four year deal but Shero was only offering two years. Anything longer than two years with a player who is over the age of 35 entitles said player to a CBA-enabled salary bonus (more details here) and anything longer than two years Shero may have feared Gonchar would retire early.

It was also rumored that Gonchar and his agent were willing to take three years at or around the 5MM range, almost a similar deal to the one he just received from Ottawa.

What’s my take on it? Well, Gonchar was looked at as potentially being one of the most sought after defenseman once noon hit today. And why not? He is a highly skilled veteran who is a master at the power play. But after the post-season he just had, one where he looked either tired or like he didn’t much care to be on the ice, I want to believe it wasn’t the latter, can you really blame the Pens for being skeptical? Do I believe three years was do-able? Absolutely. The Four? Definitely not. However, in my opinion if the Pens really wanted to keep him, they could have budged a little on the two year offer, but then again as Andy Sutton would say, I am not an expert….

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