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Red Wings Host Social Media Day Party…

The Red Wings played host to Detroit’s Social Media Day party at the Motor City Casino tonight.  Blogging and Twitter enthusiasts from the area (and some from out of town) gathered in an upscale lounge for food, dancing, and giveaways.  The club was fantastic, and we were treated to a gorgeous view of the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit River, Windsor, and the city skyline (which is decidedly underrated).

Over the course of this past season, the Wings have done a lot to try to embrace social media.  They’ve held events like TweetSuites at games (I was lucky enough to attend two of them—one as a guest and one as a blogger), scavenger hunts, and online video contests.  Events like these are important because they help bring the team closer to the fans.  Historically, the Wings haven’t been known as one of the more fan-friendly teams.  Let’s face it: until the recent economic downturn, there was never any need to market the team locally.  The building was constantly full, tickets were expensive, and there were waitlists for season tickets.  Things have changed though, and it is not uncommon to see large blocks of empty seats in the Joe nowadays.  In response, the Wings have had to shift their marketing strategy.  One of the ways they have done so is by increasing exposure through social media.

At the event, we were treated to a table full of free Wings goodies.  I have a giant stash of stuff that I got from the official playoff viewing parties, so I didn’t take much.  They had leftovers from several of the promotional giveaways they did throughout the season.  There were reusable grocery bags, water bottles, Christmas tree ornaments, Budd Lynch bobbleheads, Olympic posters, t-shirts, and mouse pads.  Throughout the night there were drawings for Wings and Detroit Tigers prizes as well.

Every TV in the club was playing a series of in-arena videos that the team shows during games.  We got to watch the regular season intro video, playoff pre-show, player highlight reels, and some other assorted videos on a loop.  It was heaven for the group of hockey nerds that I attended with.  The team also had giant cutouts of Johan Franzen and Chris Osgood to take pictures with and a goal with goalie equipment and jerseys to try on.  The picture at the top features me in my nice dress and goalie gear.

The party itself was a little awkward, and I was glad to have attended with a large group.  There was a mixture of people; some were hockey fans and some were social media enthusiasts.  We fell into both categories.  All in all, I thought the event was a success, and I think the majority of people there enjoyed themselves.  I posted my pictures (and some from others’ Twitpic accounts) on my Photobucket and wrote a little more on my other blog.

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