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Girardi files for arbitration

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On July 5, New York Rangers Defenseman Dan Girardi filed for arbitration after rejecting a qualifying offer and is reportedly seeking a contract worth $3 million a year for four years. Some fans aren’t sure if he’s worth as much as he’s asking, but he’s one of the better defensemen the Rangers currently have in the lineup. Trying to pick up another defenseman from somewhere else would likely cost them more than what Girardi is asking.  However, it sounds like Girardi and the Rangers can reach a deal before going to arbitration. 

A member or the team since the 2006-2007 season, Girardi has been first on the team in hits twice and in the top two in blocked shots two of the last four seasons.  He’s also played every game of the last three seasons, showing he is as dependable as they come.  For a defenseman, his 80 points over the last three and a half seasons isn’t amazing, but his low penalty minute total of 128 minutes in that period is impressive.   Even though fan opinion of him seems to change as often as the weather, like when he didn’t defend Gaborik against Carcillo, he is worth keeping around.  He continues to evolve and develop into one of the teams better defensemen and will surely have an impact down the road as he grows.

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