About The ‘Chicks’

Ten women who had never met, share a love of hockey that has bridged the distance and forged new friendships.

It all started on February 26, 2010. Johanna posted something on Reebok Hockey’s Facebook page (as it was her job to do so) and both Sara and Courtney participated in the conversation. Sara was defending her position on rooting for Team Canada when Courtney joined the conversation. She told Sara she appreciated her viewpoints and had much to agree about. From there the two girls received much criticism from Team USA fans attacking their views, criticizing them personally, and questioning their patriotism. Johanna sent each girl a message commending them for their knowledge and love of hockey. Sara sent Courtney a message telling her she used something she had said about Sidney Crosby as her Facebook status. Soon Sara and Courtney were Facebook friends, and within a week they had become bloggers.

Upon defending their viewpoints the girls used their knowledge of hockey and what it meant to them; they found they had a mutual interest, Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Sara, from Chicago, never fell in love with a team. Her brother was a goalie, so she spent her time at the rink, learning about the sport, and loving it as well. She followed Eddie Belfour and his career her entire life, until he escaped to Sweden. Following the infamous lockout, she heard about Sidney Crosby, this young superstar taking the league by storm. It didn’t take long for her to follow and respect his career, or to fall in love the rest of the team. And though she lives out of market, she regularly takes trips to Pittsburgh and any other place she can score tickets. Just this season, she took in seven different games.

Courtney, from Denver (but living in MN), is a die-hard Avalanche fan. However, following the Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi incident and the NHL Lockout, she had lost her faith in the league. Then Sidney Crosby came along and reminded her of hockey the way she believed it should be played. She grew more interested in his career when she realized he had attended Shattuck-St. Mary’s and that a friend of hers was a childhood friend of his. She now loves her Avalanche followed in a close second by the Penguins.

Sara suggested they blog about hockey, women who knew about hockey and loved it for the right seasons. Courtney, having her own personal blog and a podcast, started the blog and created the name. Within the week they started they posted on 25 different topics. They decided then not to focus on every single game, at least not yet, rather to focus on the big news within the NHL. Less than one month later they already started to expand the site.

Johanna had stayed in contact with both girls when Sara had sent her a link in a Facebook message. Johanna was excited and asked to participate, she was received with open arms. Johanna is a Canadiens fan as she lives in Quebec (Vous parlez Francais?) with her husband who works for the Allouettes.

Then they added to the team is Nadia, a die hard Sabres fan. Nadia grew up in Buffalo and currently attends the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. Nadia lives with a friend of Courtney’s, and decided she wanted her voice heard about her under-represented Sabres.

Cheryl, found the girls thru Facebook andwill be covering OHL teams, and four of the six Canadian teams including the Senators, Maple Leafs, Oilers, and Flames. Cheryl has always cheered on the Maple Leafs and looks forward to the rebuilding of her team.

Recently added to the team is Angelique, a DU Pioneers fan through and through. She spends just as much time watching college hockey as she does the AHL and NHL. Angelique lives in the Mile High City and got connected to the Chicks through Twitter. Courtney had started following her back in January for updates on the Pioneers and Avalanche as she is out of market for most of those games.

During their Trip to Hotlanta the original two Chicks met up with Laura and convinced her to join forces. Laura contributes to multiple blogs to share her love of the Atlanta Thrashers and the St. Louis Blues. She will be updating Chicks’ readers on some college hockey throughout the year.

Thru the power of Twitter the Chicks became friends with Abi and Ally who live in San Diego and Atlanta. Abi loves her Anaheim Ducks first and foremost. Her second place team is split between the Vancouver Canucks and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Abi will keep you up to date on all things Ducks and Canucks. Ally is a Thrashers fan thru and thru, though a recent trip to the Bell Centre made her ‘adopt’ the Habs in their post-season run. Ally will not only cover news as needed but also cover her beloved Thrashers.

Our latest addition is Kris, a blogger and member of the Red Wings Commune. Courtney met Kris thru Twitter while Visiting Hockeytown. Kris invited her to meet and the two became friends and stayed in touch via gmail and Twitter afterwards. Courtney asked Kris to join up and cover all the Red Wings news and Kris agreed.

For any other female hockey fans out there looking to talk about their team please contact us.  You can either leave us a comment, email us at chickswhogiveapuck@gmail.com, tweet us @chicksgiveapuck or leave us a comment on our Facebook Fan Page.

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