I’m a Cali girl, born and raised in San Diego. I grew up watching the Mighty Ducks, as they were called back then. They’re my number one team, but I share my heart with others as well. I come from a large family, well large is an understatement. I have 8 brothers, two of them played hockey so despite my snow-less, ice-less existence I’ve watched the sport just as much as the next person.

It’s true, California is not your typical hockey state. With our countless days of sunshine, we don’t know a whole lot about playing on a frozen pond. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t still grow up playing though, my brothers played hockey in the minors until money ran low and they could no longer continue.

I get a lot of flack for being a Ducks fan. With their questionable hits and gritty players, they aren’t too popular outside of Anaheim. But despite what people say, my team is not a joke. I was there in 2003 when they made it to the Final, falling short to the Devils. And I was there when they fought against all odds and finally won the Cup in 2007. I’ll stand by them no matter what.

Sidney Crosby drew me into the Penguins, like he did a lot of people following the lockout. But as I watched Sid the Kid do what he does best, the rest of the team won my respect and I’ve been a fan ever since. I don’t even know how to explain my love for the Canucks. I think it could be the attention and respect they demand the second they step on the ice. They haven’t won a Cup yet, but this team is no pushover and their day with Lord Stanley is bound to be in the near future, I can feel it. With their offense stacked with players like the Sedins, it has to be.

So liking three teams, what do I do when they play against each other? When the Penguins and Canucks come to Anaheim, I always go to the game, but in my Ducks jersey. As a loyal fan to the Ducks it feels wrong cheering against them. No matter the outcome, win or lose, I’m never upset with the final score. The Canucks and Penguins always make a stop at the Staples Center in LA to play against the Kings before heading back home, and that’s where you’ll find me rocking my Pens and Canucks gear.

I live for this sport. It’s my passion in life and on some days the only thing that gets me out of bed. I’m not just here to defy the stereotype of female hockey fans, but to prove that people from California know a little more about hockey then you think.

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