As mentioned in the Chick’s section, I work in marketing for Reebok Hockey. I love my job. I hear the questions rising; how does a chick get to do a man’s job in a dominantly male industry…let me preface my answer by saying I’m no feminist. I’ve been a jock-ette since I could hold a ball in my hands (read: before I could walk). My passion for sports run deep and it was all about timing and being born in the right city.

Now what about my credibility and credentials in hockey? Montreal, as every hockey fan and player knows, is a hockey metropolis (with an s, not a t). Sadly I’m an only child and my dad was a WWF fan so I grew up with The Hulk and Andre the Giant action figures instead of a hockey stick in my hands. But I think I’ve made up for some seriously lost time.

I started playing hockey with the help of a part time job at a sporting goods store back in my early college days. The store owner organized a staff game, full-gear, and I just had to have in. I figured I always ran with the boys so why not skate with them too? I’d had fun in gym class when we played ball hockey, I’ve played it in the street with the neighbours and I’ve gone through figure skating so how hard could it possibly be for a natural athlete to jump into? I’m a self-coached hockey player, learning most from watching and absorbing what the pros do on TV and from some in-game tips from the guys I play with.

So what about my fan-dom? Well, I’m a Habs fan, both by choice and because my husband likely wouldn’t have married me if otherwise. How often do I go to games? A few times a year if I’m lucky. How often do I watch? Some nights I get home a need to turn off from work. I find I tend to watch the games and pay more attention to their gear than the plays. It’s the nature of the business. I try to get in a game a week.

My bucket list consist of one thing; to see all 30 NHL arenas. My husband and I started this adventure 3 years ago and have since visited 4 teams together; Montreal, New Jersey, Calgary, Florida. I had actually planned our honeymoon to be a Habs-California blitz but we bought a condo instead so that’s on hold for now.

So what am I going to blog about? The more casual stuff, some behind the scenes experiences I have the privilege of being a part of via my job, some things I encounter as a Chick in the hockey industry, and of course some Habs stuff, but nothing  like what most Habs fans who have their heads so far stuck in the sand they’re nearly at the Earth’s core would blog about, just my opinions and observations.

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