I was raised in a city that loves their sports. Unfortunately, that city’s sports teams also regularly fail to gratify their fans with any championships. Regardless, Buffalo fans are some of the best in the world, in what some like to call “the New Hockeytown”, and I am proud to count myself among them. We may have a long winter with record-setting snowfall, but where better to go to get out of the snow than to the ice?

My brother began playing hockey early in elementary school and I took up figure skating. I soon however switched gears and followed my brother’s lead. I played in a girls’ hockey league for 6 years, eventually quitting after my freshman year of high school (by now having been relocated kicking and screaming to the Middle-of-Nowhere, Wisconsin). But that definitely didn’t mean I would stop loving the sport.

I have never been able to help but love the Sabres. We’ve had some of the greatest players known to hockey, and, in my lifetime alone, we’ve had an excellent legacy of goalies. While I used to love watching Hasek flop around on the ice, making spectacular saves, I am just as thrilled now to watch Ryan Miller dominate the NHL and the Olympics! Though the times of The French Connection, Pat LaFontaine, Stu Barnes, Michael Peca, Miroslav Satan, and many more great players have come to a close in Buffalo there is a lot of fresh young talent coming in, (particularly, my personal favorite, Tyler Myers, Calder Trophy anyone?) and a lot of hope for the future. Now, at school at Madison, I have another great hockey team to cheer for (Go Badgers!), without being a traitor of course, because my heart will always belong to the Buffalo Sabres!

  1. Samantha Lakin
    March 25, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    you said hasek. ew, nadia. you know better than that. 🙂

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