I was a military brat for he first 13 years of my life.  I was born in Portsmouth, NH, but left only after a few months.  I grew up in Denver, CO, Okinawa, Japan, & Panama City, FL, but I’ve spent most of my life in Colorado  My father was New Jersey born & Philadelphia bred.  My mother came from a small town in the province of Quebec where the seeds of my passion for hockey were born.

I remember my maternal grandfather teaching me to count in French & talking about his love of the Montreal Canadiens.  Yet, it wasn’t until I returned to Colorado in 1993 when my love for hockey really grew.  Learning that Denver was going to have another NHL club made me happy, but I was also disappointed for the people of Quebec City who were going to lose their beloved team.  My passion for the Avalanche & NHL in general can only be surpassed by the college game.  I’ve been a season ticket holder to the University of Denver hockey team for the past few years & nothing beats the atmosphere of a college game.  My parents do not get my obsession, nor do some of my friends, but when I take them to a game they begin to understand.

I’m a Denver sports fan through & through, but hockey is my number one passion; though I do have an enthusiasm for geeky gadgets & science fiction.  As I’ve continued to follow & study the game of hockey, I’ve learned to appreciate all the game offers & hope to share that knowledge with everyone I encounter.

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