Candice and 1980 Olympic gold medalist, Jimmy Craig (USA goaltender), at the 2010 Winter Classic.

I am a born and raised Philadelphian, so naturally, my hockey team is the Philadelphia Flyers.  Hockey, in my opinion, is the greatest sport out there.

I fell in love with the Flyers after I went to my first game when I was a little girl.  After that, I was hooked.  I played street hockey every night, and, if I do say so myself, was a pretty decent goalie.  I was a loyal fan from then on, my love for the team growing more and more; from the days of the Legion of Doom up to the present day with the “Team of Destiny.”

The Flyers will always been my No. 1 team, but since I have gotten older, my passion for the sport has grown.  I have come to admire other teams in the League, such as the Chicago Blackhawks, Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.

I love to just spend my time watching or writing about hockey.  During the regular season, I try to get to as many games as I can.  There is nothing like the thrill of being at a game in person and getting to cheer on your favorite players.  And who knows?  Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell my kids about getting to see players like Martin Brodeur, Niklas Lidstrom and Chris Pronger play in front of me.

I have definitely been to some memorable games in my lifetime and have met some amazing players.  No other sport can compare to the respect shown by hockey players to their fans.

Hanging with Flyers legends Bob Kelly and Gary Dornhoefer.

Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of the rick?  The chill of the ice?  Or the sounds of the skates, a perfect tape-to-tape pass, a check into the glass or the puck ringing off the post?

As far as I am concerned, my life revolves around hockey, and that’s the way I’d like to keep it.  I currently go to Temple University as a sports journalism major.  One day, I would like to write for or The Hockey News magazine.

You can follow me on Twitter at FlyersGirl05.

Got a hockey question on your mind that you want to ask? Ask me here!

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