My passion for the game started very early on. Hockey has become my life since the first time my younger brother, Kyle, laced up his skates at the age of 3. We basically spent our childhood in the mini van, traveling from state to state for various club hockey tournaments. Learning the sport quickly became a second nature to me.

My parents had Blackhawks season tickets for five seasons. They even allowed me to attend games on a school night, which I thought was the coolest thing ever at the time. My brother and I also visited the locker room a few times and were fortunate enough to meet our favorites at the time- Chelios, Zhamnov, and my personal favorite, Tony Amonte. I was hooked.

The game has definitely progressed over the years, along with my maturity and respect for the game and players. The finesse that these men show and the level of skill that they exhibit send chills down my spine. There isn’t a game (even a Redwings game) that I watch where I don’t have goosebumps because of a spectacular pass or an amazing save.

Obviously, this year was a great gift for Blackhawks fans. We saw 6 of our key players make it to the Olympics, four of them winning either a gold or silver medal. We clinched the Western Conference as Division Champs. Did I mention that we won the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe (Toews), and Norris Trophy (Keith) as well? I truly could not be any more proud to say that I am a Blackhawks fan. Always have been. Always will be.

I (left), along with one of my good friends, was in attendance at the United Center when Big Buff scored the go-ahead goal on the power play versus San Jose, giving the Blackhawks that final push towards the Stanley Cup. I will never forget that moment, when I swear I could feel the concrete shaking from beneath me!

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