I’m a St. Louis native, but I moved to Atlanta in 1993. It was a pretty hockey-less existence (save for NHL94 and ESPN – you know, when they knew what the sport was), until the Thrashers showed up.  I’ve been following the Blues since I was 8 or so (1990-ish), and I have been attending Thrashers games from their very first one in 1999.  Some might say my teams make me a glutton for punishment, but I say it’s an exercise in character building.  When it comes playoff time, and neither of my teams make the cut, I go for the Pens in the East (been a fan since I was a little kid – I adore Lemieux), and whoever is playing Detroit and Chicago in the West.  This year, I’m looking forward to a bit of Coyote domination just to irritate a few people to the north of us.  A hockey fan for 20 years, I blog at my site, Thrashing the Blues, as well as St. Louis Game Time, NHL Hotstove, and a few others.

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