Originally from Tampa, Florida and living in Atlanta, Georgia since 1987, I’m not exactly your “conventional” hockey fan. But I love it just as much, or more than any Canadian or Northerner might. Well…maybe not MORE than a Canadian.

But anyway…I remember the Atlanta Knights when they were in town in the early to mid 90′s and always wanted to attend a game but was unable. That being said, I didn’t get to my first “live” game until 1999 when I witnessed the Thrashers play the Tampa Bay Lightning. My two “hometown” teams. I was enthralled, in love, enamoured, amazed, infatuated…with this amazing sport.

Ever since that first game I have thrown myself into the game, like I do with pretty much every other obsession, and tried to fill my brain with as much knowledge of it as I could. I created a website in the early 2000′s called “Hockey Luv” and it grew and grew. In particular, my attention to the “families of hockey” drew a lot of web attention. People from everywhere would email me with photos of players and coaches in and out of the NHL that were related. That page within the site, really became the focal point. I kept up with news and trades, but really the info on hockey families is what kept the site going.

I met so many wonderful people through that endeavour and still cherish those friendships.

Two seasons ago I was privileged enough to work with a local ECHL team as an intern. What a great experience that was! I love behind-the-scenes hockey and would relish a job with any team, great or small.

My “boys” are the Thrashers, obviously, but I also love the St. Louis Blues and would give anything to see that team hoist the cup one day.”

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