Within minutes of meeting me, new people generally notice three things about me: 1.) I’m really tall. 2.) I’ve got big hair. 3.) I’m a hockey fanatic.

Growing up in metro Detroit, my first introduction to the game was watching Michigan play Michigan State when I was still a toddler. From there, my hockey education branched out to the Red Wings, and by age seven, I was completely hooked. While most of my friends in school were gossiping about the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, I was discussing trap defense and the Russian Five. I kept my hockey obsession pretty well under wraps until this season, when I was introduced¬†to the Red Wings commune via Twitter, and discovered that there are, in fact, other crazy women who love the sport as much as I do, and they welcomed me into the group with open arms. While I live and die by the Detroit Red Wings, I bleed Spartan green. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Michigan State fan, and I’ve been known to randomly bust out into the fight song while in the presence of Michigan fans.

In addition to my hockey infatuation and occasional dalliance with football, I also love most things geeky and/or techy, and if I’ve gone more than a few hours without an update on Twitter, someone should probably send out a search party to make sure I’m still alive. I’m a laid off facility administrator and former competitive tennis player, with very simple life goals: to someday be a homeowner in a rejuvenated city of Detroit; to make at least one person laugh each and every day, even it’s only me; to eventually be the season ticket holding Grandma who crochets in the lower bowl at every Wings home game.

If you enjoy randomness with bouts of profanity, I invite you to follow me on twitter @LizzleFoShizzle

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